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Holiday Van - SP296 (251)


  • View from verandah.jpg
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Details:                                                                                        $25,000

Viscount Millard 28ft caravan with annex.

Great new Aussie hardwood deck, privacy screen, under van storage area and brand new BBQ.

Large kitchen with new cupboards and bench top. Two fridges, two freezers and some electrical appliances included.

Currently sleeps 5 but room for more.

Brand new all weather blinds, ornate fireplace.

Designated car space.

Pet friendly.

Beach views from deck ( see photo with the ducks).

Close to pool and amenities, quiet street.


A fantastic buy for the next owner. Almost $10,000 spent on improvements within the last 12 months.

Enquiries or to make an appointment to view:

Phone:   02 4457 1065

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Fees for Semi Permanent Sites:

    • Holiday Vans (without sewer)                           $5,150.00 per annum or $1,340.00 per quarter
    • Mobile Homes/Holiday Vans (with sewer)        $5,660.00 per annum or $1,465.00 per quarter