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Holiday Van - SP328 (090)


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Details:                                                                                        $10,000

Neat and tidy van fully annexed with outdoor kitchen. Everything you need, nothing to buy. 

This could be your new holiday destination. Close to swimming pool and amenities. Only a short two minute walk to the beach. This van sleeps up to eight people. Comes with all you need to start holidaying today. Has an indoor and outdoor kitchen, fully enclosed, insulated annex and fully screened outside dinning, living, playing area. The caravan has a full professionally installed colorbond roof that is completely insulated with guttering all the way around it also has a water tank and timber deck for entertaining. W.I.W.O....All of this could be yours.....

Enquiries or to make an appointment to view:

Phone:   02 4457 1065

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Fees for Semi Permanent Sites:

    • Holiday Vans (without sewer)                           $5,150.00 per annum or $1,340.00 per quarter
    • Mobile Homes/Holiday Vans (with sewer)        $5,660.00 per annum or $1,465.00 per quarter