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Holiday Van (sewered) - SP481


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Details:                                                                                        $39,500

Quiet location near Pretty Beach, with ocean views. Bathroom with toilet and shower, can sleep 8+. 1 x double in separate room, 1 x triple bunk in separate room, 1 x sofa bed living area. TV and DVD player, spacious annex and covered outdoor area, BBQ , open fireplace, reverse cycle air conditioning, fridge, microwave, gas cook top with oven, and other kitchen appliances. Shares in large pizza oven outdoors, table and chairs, crockery and cutlery, lovely neighbors either side, perfect for large family.

Enquiries or to make an appointment to view:

Phone:   02 4457 1065

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Fees for Semi Permanent Sites:

    • Holiday Vans (without sewer)                           $5,150.00 per annum or $1,340.00 per quarter
    • Mobile Homes/Holiday Vans (with sewer)        $5,660.00 per annum or $1,465.00 per quarter