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Mobile Home (sewered) - SP440


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Details:                                                                                        $129,000

Relocatable home with two bedrooms, bathroom and extensive deck area offering some of the best beach views in the park. Installed 10 years ago. Air conditioned and ready for walk in walk out all items included. Nothing more to spend.

Enquiries or to make an appointment to view:

Phone:   02 4457 1065

Before making an offer on any property for sale please liaise with the Office Manager re Council compliance and the terms and conditions of occupation agreements.

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Fees for Semi Permanent Sites:

    • Holiday Vans (without sewer)                           $5,150.00 per annum or $1,340.00 per quarter
    • Mobile Homes/Holiday Vans (with sewer)        $5,660.00 per annum or $1,465.00 per quarter